Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines Printables

Valentines Day is one SWEET holiday.  I just love celebrating it with my kids and they love to be showered with extra love. We also like sending extra love to our friends and family. Here are a few things we have sent to our loved ones.

We started with a love monster like this one. Both kids glued everything together. We used googly eyes. And then they drew the rest of the face on.

Picture from

The next valentines projects were made almost entirely by hearts. This was fun for my kids to try and put everything together to form a creature. For the froggy we used extra big googly eyes. For the snail we wrote on the back "Don't be slow. Say you'll be my valentine." My kids thought these were hilarious little creatures. I found this idea on pinterest.

For their friends, my kids wanted to do a s'mores kit. One of my friends sent us the idea a while back. So I created bag tags, which are so easy to attach/staple together and fill. You can find this printable in my shop. It is $6 for 2 instant 4"X6" downloads (one pink version and one blue version). It has a spot on the back to write To: and From: I print them as a picture at Costco and they are only $.13 per 4X6. That is so budget friendly. 

After my daughter finished filling the bag I would take the tag and fold it in half and staple each side to the bag. It was so easy and took us about 15 minutes to fill 50.

Here are some other Valentine ideas from my shop.

These Teacher tags are round. I used a scalloped punch to get this effect. It says "Thanks for helping me bloom!" You can attache them to a bouquet of wild flowers or store bought flowers. Homemade edible flowers or bought chocolate flowers.

These next tags we attached to chocolate cherubs that we gave to my daughters ballet class last year.

These are round tags that my daughter gave to her class mates.

My son gave these race car bag tags to his class last year. It says "You make my heart race!" The boys loved them. We filled it with goldfish because most of his friends were a year old to 3 years old.

This next Valentine says "Be Mine".  My daughter gave to her class 2 years ago. It is my very favorite. I love the characters and the detail. It is a customized bag tag that you can customize with your childs name. 

Three years ago my daughter gave her class these "I o-FISH-ally like you" bag tags.

Makena is giving her teachers a canister of tea this year so here are the tags for this. It says "I "heart" my TEA-cher!"

This "I Choo-choo choose you" valentine bag tag was made for a friend a couple years ago. It was such a cute idea.

I really love to gift our loved ones with something a little more special than the generic valentines. And I especially love that I don't have to spend a fortune doing so. I hope these budget friendly Valentines helped give you ideas for your loved ones.
Happy Valentines Day!

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