Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Home Tour: Fall Decorations

Oh, SWEET, SWEET, SWEET FALL, How I adore you! 
Today I am going to share with you how I decorate for fall in my home. I don't have a ton of fall decorations. I have a few things sprinkled around making my home feel warm and cozy.


Here is my buffet table redone for fall. My daughters 6th month picture with a fall theme is hanging above.

My chalkboard tray. I redo it every season, event or holiday.

 Do you see these cute lil pumpkins that my sweet kids painted for me? I love my cute little owl Scentsy warmer.

This country store lights up and I thought it was just perfect to add to my fall decor. 

About 4 years ago I cut out leaves in deferent colored felt. I took a piece of yarn and sewed them together to make a leaf garland. I hang it on my mantel every year.

My fall magazines are rolling in and of course I have to display them. Also, if they are out in the open I will remember to read them. LOL!

These weaved basket pumpkins were found at Hobby Lobby a few years ago for their after season sale. The big one had lost its stem and leaf but (one day) I will fashion a leaf, stem and curly cue, on it.

My Keurig also makes my falls feel more cozy and warm.

Speaking of my Keurig and fall... I love my morning coffee but all I add is organic cream. Because I usually eat something sweet with my coffee I don't like to add any sugar. So to make my coffee taste more like fall without adding any of those yucky sugar filled creamers. I add REAL spices. YES, thats right. Real spices... Cinnimon, nutmeg, clove and ginger. Sometimes I will add pure cocoa powder too. Try it! I think you will like it too.

 My daughter made me this wreath last year and hung it up all by herself (hence the bow being upside down). She was so proud. Love her!

When our mini pumpkins are ready to pick, Makena will go to the back yard and harvest them. We use the mini pumpkins to decorate with while we wait for the big ones to finish growing. When they are ready we will carve those.

I make my own wreaths for every season. This is my newest piece. And my spring flowers are still going nice and strong. They don't really go with the decor but soon they will be replaced with mums.

Our little scarecrow hangs out on our porch. He waits to greet visitors with his cheesy grin.

 Another edible that gets upgraded to a fall taste is my bread. This is my peach cobbler bread. I also love to make apple pie bread, spiced cider bread, pumpkin pie bread and spiced arisen bread.

I hope you enjoyed my Fall Home Tour. 
Come back tomorrow and see a collection of inspirational Fall Decorations.  
And Friday I am posting about all of my Fall Favorites. Sooo excited about this one.

I love hearing from all of my sweet readers, Leave a comment and tell us how you decorate your home. Do you make your own decorations? How do you incorporate the fall season into your food items?

See you tomorrow!

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