Monday, September 8, 2014

Command Center Printable

Well... it's back to school time! I love this time of year! No, not just because Autumn is upon us, but because it means back to being consistent with routines and scheduled events.
I know a lot of you probably prefer summer for the summer fun, bbq's, parties and vacations. I love it too... for a while... but I start to crave routine real fast.
I love knowing whats going to happen (for the most part). I love learning my new schedule and trying to perfect my timing on when the best time to leave for school is. I love knowing I have to get up early so that I force myself to go to sleep early. I love making my daughters lunch. I love picking up my daughter at school and hearing about her day. I love being able to spend alone time with my son.
And after 5 days of routine I appreciate the little surprises on the weekends. A birthday party. A trip to the zoo. A weekend camping trip. Or just a quiet time at home just relaxing.

So now that we are talking about schedules and routine lets talk about organizing it all...
You can find it here.

I love this design because it gives me a view of events for the whole entire month as well as a weekly menu and goals. I have printed it on photo paper and stuck it in a 12"X18" picture frame. The glass provides a perfect dry erase surface. I use my dry erase markers and fill in where ever I need to, or erase whatever I need to erase.

The picture below also shows a list of my daily routine and cleaning routine.
I love having a command center to refer my family too when they have questions about my schedule or what we need to clean today. 

I add events to the calendar and plan the menu on Sundays. I then shop for groceries on Monday. 
All week I refer to my command center and add events, playdates, school or church function, and menu changes.

On my command center wall I also have the kids chore charts and behavior charts.

You can just print this on regular printer paper every week and use a fun stamp or provided stickers. I have printed this on photo paper because I can use a dry erase marker so that I don't have to keep printing a new sheet every week.

Every chore chart comes with a sticker sheet. You would print this sheet on sticker paper and cut whatever stickers you want to use.
This is great for children that don't yet know how to read.
There are 34 different chore stickers with pictures and 10 blank stickers to add your own.
There are also three different categories... Before school, After school, and Before bed. There are also blank categories so that you can add in your own times.

I have printed it on regular photo paper and used double sided tape to attach the stickers because I want to switch out the stickers every once in a while.

Here is our behavior chart. We call it "The Fruit of the Spirit Chart".  Not only does it built character qualities but it reminds your child of important healthy habits.

We printed this on regular printer paper so that my kids can use their favorite stamp.

I love sitting down at the end of the day and going over character qualities that they are trying to learn and their healthy habits. I love going over why it's important and different ways we can improve it.

Another way you can organize your responsibility chart is just by writing each chore in the proper spot.

Have you seen these Crayola markers? They are very cool! They come in all sorts of different stamps and colors. They are big and easy for little hands. Just use it exactly like a regular stamp and hold it like a regular marker.

Makena stamps everything herself. She gets a little messy but she has fun doing it.

Here is the marker stamp up close. As you can tell its a little worn (we have had these for YEARS!!!)

Well thats it! My command center... This is what keeps me from going crazy. I hope it inspired you to get organized for the school year.  Those of you that already have a command center, how do you organize it? Where do you keep your pens/pencils/markers? I am still figuring that part out. I would love your input.

Are you interested in downloading my calendar or chore chart template, please visit my Etsy shop.

How are you doing on your cleaning schedule??? 
Every once in a while I need to spruce up my own schedule with a fun new design and routine to motivate me to stick with cleaning.
Stay tuned... later on this month I will be giving away my newly updated cleaning schedule as a downloadable file. Before I finalize it, comment with any ideas or tips to add to a cleaning schedule. I know a lot of you like to email me and thats fine too. 

Next Monday I will be showing you some cute Disney Frozen birthday Party ideas I have been finding. 
And tomorrow I will be showing the first day of school and the schedule to follow. 
Come back and see!

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