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Our Southern Carribbean Cruise and visiting family in florida

*Note this trip was back in May. Just now going through the pictures. EEEEK! Also, this is going to be a long post with lots of pictures. There is your warning. :-)

My husband and I, originally booked this trip to see this handsome man...

He is my sweet nephew, Noah. Love him to pieces! 

...But it went from a week of visiting family in Florida/Georgia to an extra week and a half so that we can add on a southern caribbean cruise. 
Aaaaaah! Mommy and Daddy cruise. Much needed, time to ourselves!

My brother and his wife are stationed in Georgia and My parents are retired and traveling every 6 months around the world. Their first stop... Florida (2 hours away from my brother and his family). They found a nice 2 bedroom condo next to the beach and so it was a perfect place to visit. 

It was extremely hard to leave my two babies behind but, we knew they were in good hands... in fact, maybe too good of hands ;) They were so spoiled!!! Makena asked us almost everyday for two months leading up to our trip if today was the day that we were going on the big boat and if Nana and Papa were coming over to watch them. They love their Nana and Papa! 

This was the day before we left. We went to Olive Garden.
This girl loves her daddy and I love these two peas in a pod.

But, this little boy loves his mommy and I love him with all my heart too.

Thats my WHOLE world sitting on this couch... my whole world

These guys are handsome!

Here I am in the airport with my Jamberry nails (My friend Rachel sells these amazing nail wraps. So inexpensive and they last for weeks and weeks).  My fun nails,
coffee and my muffin. Gotta get this vacation started the right way.

My parents picked us up from the airport and showed us around their cute little town of Jacksonville Pointe Veidra.  

I missed my momma!

 Their condo was beyond beautiful! with there own private lake.

Love this man!

My Stepdad would go fishing every morning. What a life! I can't wait till I retire ;-) Lol!

They took us to this really pretty beach that they had found. It was rarely crowded and such a big open space that they would rent bikes and ride for miles. 
We had to try this out too.

We found this really cool washed up tree and took a few photos.

 I am so thankful for this guy!

We traveled to Georgia the next day to go see my brother, his wife and MY Noah...
I squished him...

... loved him...

... kissed him...

... hugged him...

...snuggled him...

... starred at him...

... and squeezed him.

He is my fave and I wanted to stick him in my pocket and bring him home with me! Love me some Noah.

Oh yeah, and it was kinda cool seeing these people too. ;-)

We had dinner reservations... the famous The Olde Pink House.

Even though I have never been a fan of fried anything, their fried chicken was amazing!

 Then, of course, I had to visit Paula Deen's restaurant and store. So cool!

Have you heard about Tervis? They sell tumblers for water, coffee, tea, etc... I LOVE them! Super good quality (not to mention, life time warranty!) You can throw them in the dishwasher or microwave. You can use them with hot or cold drinks. They come in all sorts of different designs and accessories.

Here is mine...
I got the cherry blossom, my husband bought a large cowboys tumbler with a different lid to use at the gym for his water. We also bought one for my mother-in-law and one for my father-in-law as a thank you for watching the kids for two weeks. ;-)

 We also stopped at this cute little vintage candy shop where they were making taffy and giving out free samples. Yup, thats how you draw the crowds. Another cool thing that they did was load the taffy on a machine and they had conveyor belts that would carry the candy to the other side of the store and it would slide down into the appropriate displays. Sooooo cool! I want to make this for my laundry at home. It would just plop down in everyones drawers.

The next day we all went to St. Augustine, a small historical town which they say is the oldest town in America.  We took a trolly tour. 

There is my little guy... He loves me!!!

We stopped and had some lunch in this really cute street where only pedestrians are allowed (no cars). There were lots of restaurants, cafe's, shop's, boutiques and gallery's.

We found this really cool Pirate museum. My husband told my brother to act out this scene... my brother wasn't feeling it. LOL! 

Later my Sister-in-law took this picture of all three of us squished in the back of the van. 

We all had slept at my parents condo in in Jacksonville. My parents, graciously, slept on the pullout couch to let my brother. sister-in-law and nephew have the master bedroom.  But, my brother came and slept in between my parents just for old time sake. LOL!

The next day, Phillip and I rented a car and drove to Miami to board our ship. 

Our ship was pretty amazing. We chose the newest ship on the fleet, which was also the biggest, called The Carnival Breeze.

My husband surprised me with a cabin upgrade. He upgraded us to a Spa Balcony Suite. Which means that we were able to use the spa amenities all day everyday. We were there everyday multiple times a day. It was totally worth it.

Next to the spa was the fitness center. It was so nice with lots of equipment and classes. All of those machines had a great view of the ocean with a floor to ceiling window. 

On the port days we had to get up early for excursion that we had booked and on those days we would order room service. We would wake up and eat breakfast on our private balcony in our jammies.

We had gotten dressed for dinner a little early and decided to lounge on the serenity deck before heading down for dinner.

Here is us in the dinner hall.

Everything we ate was so good. Eating was always my favorite thing to do. Each night on the menu they had a choice of an exotic dish like frog legs, shark, etc... I never got the urge to try any of those dishes. I ate a lot of vegetarian meals only because they looked so fresh. Phillip had a lot of steak and salmon dishes.

This Gazpacho dish was amazing!

We stopped at 4 locations (Grand Turk, La Romana, Caracao and Aruba). Here are a some random pictures...

He likes his coffee black and I like my coffee WHITE!

I really loved my Jamberry nails!

I really loved those cute colorful buildings behind me. It was the shopping district.

Being silly while strolling through the these little alley ways.

Ok, we must have had a little too much sugar... we were being so silly! But, seriously... This chalk drawing was soooo cool. You couldn't tell what it was until you stood at the right angle.  It was so cool.

I am standing on his head.

We did stand up paddle boarding in Aruba which was our first time and so much fun! Phillip and I are so competitive. So while everyone was relaxing/falling/ carefully balancing/strolling to the destination on our tour, Phillip and I were out of breath, racing and giggling in the middle of the ocean trying to see which one of us could get there faster. haha! Anyone who knows us, knows how competitive we are.

In La Romana we went zip lining throughout the jungle. lol! it was very woody with lots of moisture and sooooo very hot but soooo much fun too! These photos were from the paparazzi that worked there. They would go around and photograph the whole adventure.

Phillip cracks me up in these pictures. He was super stoked! LOL!

Drink break!

After we we departed our cruise boat, we spent some time in Miami.

This house is Justin Beibers house. LOL!

We took a Miami tour.

Then we had lunch at a little bistro. We sat out on the patio.

 We walked the beach again and found a washed up jelly fish. EEEEW!

Thanks for stopping by!

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