Monday, July 28, 2014

Free Printable Brave Party Kit

Our first printable was such a hit and I was so happy to have inspired you all to try a Frozen party for your little ones. I decided to pass on another free printable. Brave. I hope this party kit inspires you to get creative and throw your childs dream Brave party. I just ask that you take lots of pictures and share your ideas with other mommas to help inspire them with their party too.  Email me your pictures at I will try and post them with any other detail you would like to share. 

Here it is! Just right click and print from your home printer or Kinkos print shop. (I recommend printing on white card stock.) Then cut and assemble. It's so easy!

These are great for dressing up party favors in a simple ziplock baggie. Just stuff a baggie with whatever goodies you want to gift and fold over the bag tag and secure with staples. 
This 2" circle or square can be used for lots of things. Attatch it to a toothpick with clear tape and use it as a cupcake topper. Punch a hole in the top and string a ribbon through it and attach to your favor bags. Use clear tape and attach to straws for straw tags. Print on sticker paper and stick on your party cups to carry your Brave theme to your drinks.

These are really cool tented cards to carry the theme through to your buffet table or sweets table. Just print, cut and fold. You can label them with whatever creative food item you can come up with.
Thank you cards are so awesome to receive. Your guests will feel so special. These are of course cards that you can send to your guests after the party to thank them for coming and for the gift they brought. These are super easy! Just write a short note and send it as a post card. No need for an envelope.

I am also going to try and gather some more ideas from blog land and create an inspiration board. Do you have any leads? Comment with any favorite ideas you have seen. Let's inspire each other!

Does your child like the Disney movie Brave? How old will they turn? How did you decorate for the party? Do you have any creative ideas that you used that you can share with us?

And don't forget to check out my other party printables in my shop. Thanks for stopping by!


Please note that all monitors and printers throw the colors off a bit.

You may print as many as you would like.
*You may print these for personal use only. All rights reserved to Composed Design/Frost Your Party. You may not share, forward, email, sell or distribute any part of this file or prints. 
*Copyright: You are crediting me for my creative services and time spent designing, which is permitted for one-time personal use. The characters used are free and in no way are they being sold. I do not sell or claim ownership over the licensed character clipart or graphics, as they belong to their respective copyright holders. 

Please read my shop policies for more information

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  1. The bar next to the main dining hall is great and the outdoor patio is just beautiful, especially at night when they let down the curtains, the party planner guy was also very romantic.



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