Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools Day

My family and I love April Fools Day. We love being silly and making each other giggle. We do not want to hurt them or make them angry. So, all week we have been searching and coming up with silly things to do. Of course for me, I go straight to Pinterest. There was so many great ideas it is so hard to pick just one. So here was our day.

This morning Makena came down stairs for breakfast... I set her cherrios in front of her and she quickly realized everything was stuck = frozen. She looked at me for an answer and I yelled "April Fools!!!" as I snapped this photo.  She cracked up and quickly looked around so that she could start planning my payback. She eventually telling me... "Mom there is a giraffe behind you!" I spun around as she said "April Fools!" Hahahah! Stinker! I love her!

We had made brownies the night before and talked about how to hand these Brown E's to her friends and teachers after she offered them brownies. She thought it was the funniest thing since her and her class are learning their letters.

This is what she found in her lunch box. Everything had googley eyes. I used edible eyes (Wilton candy eyeballs from Hobby Lobby) I used coconut oil to keep them on because we are not allowed peanut butter at her school due to allergies. 

For dinner we started with dessert first. Cupcakes with vanilla frosting. What they didn't know was that it was actually meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Haha! 

They tried them very carefully knowing that something was up.

Makena was on to me right away! She scooped some "Frosting" up with her finger for a quick taste. April Fools!!!

Because it was such a silly day we all put on some silly mustaches and tried to hold in our giggles as we spoke with silly deep voices.

Now its time for our meatloaf dinner... wait?!...
No.... This was really our dessert! Rice Krispies with cut up gummy worms.  Oh they thought it was so silly!

After dessert was bathtime and there was some silliness waiting for them there too!

Their water suddenly turned blue, like the ocean...

 I told that there is some magic fish that were living in the ocean and you needed magic beans to see them. I dropped these little pill- like things...

....When out pops those magical fish.

We had so much fun today especially now that my pumpkin is a bit older and understands things better.  My sweet boy didn't understand it as well but he really enjoyed being silly and watching us be silly.

I hope you all had a little silliness today. What do you all do for April Fools Day?

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