Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Healthy Coconut Mint Flavored Chapstick - EOS Chapstick Hack

I have been allergic to chapstick for years. Seriously! I will try out a new chapstick every once in a while just to see if I am "magically" cured of this allergy but I pay for it for about a week or more, just trying to heal. The only things I can really use is Vaseline (which is horribly unhealthy) and oils (like coconut oil, olive oil. etc...).
Well, when I found out about this cute little EOS chapstick, I fell in love with the cute little round package.

I really wanted this chapstick to be the "magic" one. I eagerly bought it and tried it out and am still paying for it 9 days later :-((((
I kept the package and didn't want to throw it away so whats a girl to do???

I re-used the cute container and made my own chapstick!

I melted some coconut oil in the cap and mixed in some peppermint essential oil and put it in the freezer to harden quicker. While that was in the freezer I scooped out some, room temperature, Coconut oil and added it to the empty container so that my molded coconut oil could stick better.  I then took the cap out of the freezer and turned it over, tapped it on the counter and it fell right out. I just placed it on the other end and there you have it. I cute and healthy coconut chapstick I can use!!!

Remember you can use coconut oil for other things too. It is a great moisturizer for your lips, hands, face, etc...

Make sure you use good quality peppermint oil that you trust. I used Young Livings peppermint essential oil. They claim you can ingest it and that it is good for a number of ailments as well, like digestion, nausea, and respiratory issues. It is thought to invigorate you and make you feel refreshed. I would have to agree.

I plan to make another one with lavender oil for my nightstand. I love lavender and putting chapstick on at night and what a great combo.

Side note: Remember that this can melt and if it does it will run everywhere. Keep it out of the heat.

I love hearing from you all. If you try this let me know what you think in my comments below.

DISCLAIMER*** Please use your own judgment and doctors recommendations. I am not a health professional nor do I pretend to be. Use at your own risk.

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