Saturday, March 15, 2014

Display those beautiful farmers market finds

I have beautiful bunches of kale and chard that I did not want to hide in the refrigerator. They made me too happy. So what did I do? I put them in jars of water and displayed them. Not only was it such a joy to see, but boy did I reap the benefits. I picked and ate all day for two days. It gave me lots of extra greens in my diet. 

I pulled some chard and sautéed it with onion and bell peppers and then I added an egg on top for breakfast. For lunch, I stuck some kale in my chicken sandwich. And for dinner, I garnished our salmon. The next day sautéed chard and bell peppers again and for lunch I used the rest of the kale in my smoothie. 

So yummy... and beautiful!

How do you use your kale and chard?

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