Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My 30th Birthday!

 For my 30th birthday, I wanted nothing too extravagant. I simply, just wanted to be with my family and celebrate my wonderful life (I really do have a wonderful life). I am so blessed.
Phillip told me he wanted to bake a cake for me and asked me what flavor I wanted. WHAT!!!! How sweet. Especially because he doesn't bake.  I told him that I would go with him to check what flavors they had at the store. He turned and said "what do you mean flavors? Don't you add the flavor?" Here is proof! He is clueless in the kitchen when it comes to baking, but he is amazing on the grill!!!! Anyway, I explained that you can buy boxed cake mix and add a few ingredients and stir it up and throw it in the oven. Easy, Peasy!!!  Hahaha! Poor guy had no clue! He said "I just planned to follow a recipe, I mean, how hard could it be?" Well ok husband, I will think of a cake flavor and give you a recipe.
I searched the net and was hooked on the title... ORANGE POPPYSEED CAKE!!! After printing the recipe I searched for a whipped topping. I love anything with lavender so I picked out a lavender vanilla whipped topping, and printed that recipe too. After scanning the recipies I realized that it was CRAZY HARD! The recipe was from Australia so they had quite a few terms that I didn't recognize. Plus the measurements were not our traditional measurements. I handed it over and watched him read it. He was there for just a minute and then off to the store.
I was beginning to feel bad that I gave him such a hard recipe to follow so I called him and let him know that it was really hard and I would help him bake it. He assured me that he could do it.
He came home and started on it right away. I would peek over his shoulder every once in a while just to see if he was doing fine. But, he would send me away until about the 9th time he banned me from entering the kitchen. I managed to snap this photo from afar. LOL!

Wow! Did he ever surprise me with his mad baking skills. The cake was amazing. I seriously couldn't believe I had a pro- baker living with me this whole time. Do you know how many cakes I have made in the last few years. His secrets out now... he is baking the cake next time.

I was one happy 30 year old girl.

It tasted even better than I had imagined. It was perfect texture and the combination of flavors were having their very own party in my mouth with each bite I took.

After we ate cake he took the kids and I out to eat. I picked Azuma this year. He was surprised since I usually either pick The Melting Pot or St. James Tea Room for my birthdays.

 When we came home and put the kids to bed I broke out my delicious cake again and had another slice.

 Then I cozied up by with a fire and caught up on some reading.

What a perfect day! Simply hanging out with my favorite people. What a lucky girl I am. I have the best hubby. You may think you do... but I know for sure I do :-)

Check back tomorrow for the recipe for this yummy cake... Orange Poppyseed cake with a Lavender Vanilla whipped topping.

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