Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas traditions of 2012

We have many traditions in our family that I just love! Here are some of them...

We help put up 4 Christmas trees each year!
We put up our Christmas tree at home. We each buy an ornament each year that represents our memory of this year. We buy them at Hallmark because they are always sooooo cute and they also have great deals for members. 
This year I picked a baby in a manger and a cute little angel girl kissing his head. It reminded me of my sweet babies and Makena is always trying to kiss Andrew on his head. Phillip picked a chocolate moose it is a moose (animal)  covered in chocolate. He is a hunter and loves chocolate moose. Plus he thought it was hilarious. Makena chose Repunzle. She has been very into her Tangled movie this year, so it was appropriate. For Andrew we chose a babies first christmas framed ornament. We also bought a Polar Express Train ornament when we went to Durango this year.

My boy is a dream!!! I just love his little face.

I love their faces here. Makena is way too exited and Andrew is about to scream in frustration because I laid him down.

They are always holding hands. Love them!

She loves her little brother so much. I love watching her try and take care of him.

And despite this face, he loves her so much too! She is the only one that can keep him entertained and laughing.

This is Christmas day playing with her kareoke machine. She loves it!

Then we went to Nana and Papas house to help put up their tree. 

I had to shoe you guys how clever my step dad is. He made this GIGANTIC candy cane out of PVC pipe and red duct tape. Added a big bow to the top and... Walah! The taking down and storing is so easy because it all comes apart and they are so light. Cool hu?

Here is one of my parents trees behind Makena and Rocky.

 And here is the main tree at my parents house. We took our professional pictures in front of it this year.

Here are the kids under the tree.

Another tradition that have is decorating a ginger bread house. This one we got at Costco. It comes with a really cool house and a gingerbread tree along with all the fixings.

Makena couldn't help herself. She had to taste it.

This is not a very good picture but here we are at the 14th annual River of Lights. 

Another tradition is helping Grandma bake bisochitos. Makena really got to get into it this year. She rolled the dough, and used her special cookie cutters to create fun festive shapes.  She even made a handprint one.

Makena and Grandma.

Here are a few more traditions.
~Tallulah (our christmas Elf on the Shelf) comes to visit.
~We wrote a letter to Santa. She explained what makes her a good girl and what she wants.
~Put out Christmas cookies for Santa
~Sprinkled glittery food on the front lawn so that the reindeer can find our home.
~Watched lots of Christmas movies.
~Made a special Christmas breakfast.
~Put on our new jammies that Tallulah left on our bed and drive around looking at Christmas lights
~ Perform a good deed for someone in need. Today Makena gave a homeless man a blessing bag full of necessities.
~Sing Christmas carols. The last few years we sang them at home by the Christmas tree. But when the kids get older, I want to go around the neighborhood and sing while we pass out cookies and baked goods.
~Visit Santa
~Go sledding
~Build a snowman
~Sleep under the Christmas tree.
~Interview/video the kids and ask them what they want Santa to bring them.

*Most of these are in our advent calendar. It helps us to keep on top of all our traditions each year.

What are some of your families traditions?

Come back tomorrow and see our Polar Express Train ride.

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