Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 911

Remembering 911

Where were you when this tragedy happened?
This is one of those moments that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. The way they felt, where they heard the news, how they heard the news and who was with them.

I had just woke up that morning and was excited to get to school. I was just starting out in my college year and super excited about my classes. I had talked to my mom and she had told me that they were saying that a plane hit one of the twin towers that we had visited a couple years before. "How sad" I thought. "How did a pilot just fly into a building?" I put it out of my mind and jumped in the shower.
As I was brushing my teeth my mom told me that there was a second plane that hit the other tower. She said that they are thinking it was a terrorist attack. I felt awful for the people whose lives were altered by this event, but honestly I didn't understand how bad it was. I grabbed a banana and jumped in my car and started off to school.
As the day went on I started to understand a little more what this all meant, but still my life went on and I easily put this event out of my mind.

It wasn't until my husband and daughter and I vacationed in NYC in 2010 that I truly realized how tragic this event was. I had seen those twin towers in person and even got the chance to tour inside the towers. We had lunch on the top floor when I had visited NYC last. But this time going to NYC and visiting ground zero brought tears to my eyes. You can see the empty lot that the towers occupied and all the small memorial spots people have set up around the area.

We decided to tour the museum honoring all the lives that were lost that day and that's where it hit me. For the first time I really felt the anger that terrorism brings. No one has the right to rob the smiles from these peoples faces here on the photo wall. No one has the right to rip a child's mother or father from their lives. No one has the right to destroy lives.
My visit to ground zero made my heart sink in to my stomach and made me nauseous. It made me angry and sick.
After my trip back to NYC and visiting ground zero I now, no longer feel like this tragedy does not concern me. It breaks my heart!

Where were you when you heard about these events? Did you have a delayed reaction like I did or did you fully understand right away?

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  1. I remember it was my first semester to and I had an early class at 7:30am. I had already left to school and when I got there one student was saying what he heard. The teacher was like "Oh, ok" and we had out lecture. After I was walking to my next class and saw a guy with his hands crossed watching it on tv that they pulled out near the library and I said, "Is this really happening or a movie"? And sadly it was true. Classes were canceled and the drive home was so eerie. Everything was closed not many people on the road. It is so horrible that this happened. I pray for all the victims and their families.



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