Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project 52:3 Make a wish...

I want my kids to know how important wishes and dreams really are.  Without those, how do you move forward in life?  A wish and a dream are important, that is what kick starts your adventure, your goals, and your best future. 

I want to encourage my children to dream and to continue dreaming forever.  Makena has been very vocal at an early age so I have been asking her what she wishes for and we talk about her dreams at night. 

It makes me so sad when I ask the question (especially to the younger generation) "what are your goals in life" and they stop and hesitate and eventually say "I haven't really thought about it" or "I don't know".  Come on people this is the fuel of life for you and your loved ones. 

Your wishes don't have to be easy.  It doesn't have to be perfectly tangible.  I always loved the stereo typical wish that the Miss America Pageant girls say "I wish for world peace!" I think it is a great goal to keep in mind because it is a step in the right direction and a positive way to live your life. With that wish in mind it helps create peace around you and encourage others to do the same.

Your wishes don't have to be big. A small, simple wish can turn into a big idea, goal, or accomplishment.

You can dream as a child and all the way in till your old and gray. 
You can wish for yourself or for others.
You can dream silently or share your dream with others. 
Your wishes can be silly or serious.

A few weeks after her 2nd birthday Makena told me that she wishes she could be a mermaid and swim in the ocean.  That was such a important wish that she made. On the surface that wish seems like such a typical wish from a two year old girl, so un-tangible and so silly. However, if I wasn't her mommy I wouldn't have known that it was a perfectly awesome dream/ goal for her.  See, she has been frightened of the water. We had put her in swim lessons when she was about 9 months and we had noticed that she was scared. I know, your probably thinking that is typical for a small child to be fearful of the water, but she was also afraid at bath time. She screamed bloody murder when we tried to wash her hair or face. She wouldn't let water even come close to her head. My husband and I tried to think of anything that may have triggered that fear, like slipping under water in the bath or getting splashed in the face at the pool or choking on water. But none of that has happened. So every time we take a bath or go to the pool she has fun but she is very careful not to get her face wet. If she were to get even her ears wet she would freak out.  
So, after the wish that she told me, about wanting to be a mermaid, We would tell stories about mermaids and she would soon be slapping her legs together and kicking her feet as if she was a mermaid. When it came time to wash her hair, she would hesitate and start to whine and cover her ears. I would say "it's ok if your mermaid ears get wet. That is how mermaids hear the fish under water!" She would soon take her hands off her ears and with a forced giggle say "mommy, I hear the fish in the water!" 
Goal reached! She can now temporarily turn into a mermaid during bath time and we are now able to wash her hair without her screaming hysterically. 

How do you encourage your children to wish and dream? Do they wish on dandelions, eyelashes, wishbones, spilt salt, 11:11, roadrunners that cross your path, shooting stars, etc...?

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