Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Project 52-1 Welcome to the World Andrew!

Andrew's Birth Story!

I know birth stories tend to be pretty lengthy but I'm going to try and make it as short as possible. No promises though.
I just know that later on down the road I'm going to want to remember this story or my kids will be asking about it and I want them to be able to read my story.
So here it is...
I was dilated since week 35 and had consistent contractions every 2 minutes some times. But it would fade after a few hours. So at my 38 week appointment my doctor told me I had dilated to 3/4 she asked if I had wanted my cervix to be stripped. I had told her yes. She was on call that day so she jokingly said "see you tonight!" After my appointment I ran upstairs to visit a friend who had just had her baby the day before. She had told me that this second pregnancy and labor was much easier. I told herI hopped this second time around was easier for me too and that i hopped to join her in the hospital soon. That evening we went to my in-laws house for dinner. My mother-in-law had made the most delicious calavasitas. They were hot but I ended up eating 3 servings. Eeeek! On the way home I told my husband that my contractions felt stronger and that today might be the day. That night after we had put Makena down for bed we cleaned up the house and went to bed before I could go to sleep I told Phillip that I felt like I might need to go to the hospital just incase this was true labor. I had never felt what it was like to go into labor since I was induced with Makena. I called my mom over to watch Makena and when she got to our house my contractions subsided. She said that she would wait here and sleep on the couch while we tried to sleep and see if the contractions got stronger.
2:00am- my contractions seemed much stronger but not consistent. I figured I would go to the hospital since I couldn't sleep anyway. I kissed Makena goodbye and took extra time starring at her sweet face because I knew this was the last time I would see her as an only child. Then next time I would see her she would be a big sister. What a big milestone for her!

3:00am at the hospital the doctor checked my cervix and announced I was about 4/5 centimeters dilated and that he would go ahead and admit me. The nurse asked if she could draw me a bath to help with the pain since I had opted out of an epidural for now. With Makena I had waited 7 hours until I begged for the epidural. I figured I would try and do the same. Phillip helped me into the bath and I realized that it was too cold for my liking. So after about 10 minutes I got out.
5:00am- the nurse checked my cervix again. "Wow! 7/8 centimeters!" she said. "Do you want your doctor to come and break your water?" I new that it was supposed to speed up labor so I said yes. The doctor came in and broke my water and she told me that I would have this baby soon. She walked out the door and no longer than 5 minutes I was screaming that I needed to push. Phillip ran to the hall to get help and as calm natured as his personality he told the nurse "umm, I think my wife needs to push now." about 5 medical staff came running in behind him. The doctor told me not to push until she checked me. Yeah right! There was no way I could stop myself. My husband was such an amazing coach. He talked me through it and gave me encouragement after every push when I thought there was no way I could go on. 15 minutes later Andrew Anthony was born at 6:49am. He was so big, 8.9lbs and 21.5" long. They brought him to my chest right away where I counted all of his fingers and toes. I examined every part of him and he was perfect minus the bruising from getting stuck in the birth canal. Speaking of, since he got stuck, the staff had yelled at me to push during a non contraction time and I hemorrhaged really bad. I never knew this but one of the nurses explained later that if you push during a non- contraction time you can hemorrhage because of some reason or another that i just wasn't too clear on. Because I was bleeding so bad I was in and out of consciousness and sometime in between they told me that I was going to need surgery and a blood transfusion.

Luckily, in their last attempt my bleeding seemed to slow down and I began my healing process.  In the recovery room I was tired but starving and I ordered the biggest breakfast of my life from the cafeteria. Phillip had a pretty big breakfast too considering he had not eaten all night either.

After breakfast all I wanted was to shower and cuddle my brand new bundle of joy. Because I was hooked up to lots of tubes the nurses wouldn't allow it right away. I was stuck to that bed all day long.
That night Phillip and I stayed up longer than we should have just starring at our brand new son. With tears in our eyes we couldn't help but feel so blessed with how our little family was turning out. We finally fell asleep only to be awakened every hour it seemed after that.

The next day I begged the doctor for a shower and he finally allowed me to take a one and after that is when I felt I truly started to heal. I got dressed in my comfy PJ's and cuddled Andrew while Phillip caught up on some sleep.

Makena met Andrew for the first time and was the sweetest big sister to him. She wanted to hold him and told me to feed him milk when he cried "it will make him feel better" she kept saying. She gave him gentle kisses and cuddled him in her lap as I hung on to him and kissed her sweet head. I missed her so much and wanted her to know.

After two days in the hospital we were elated to bring Andrew home to start our journey as a family of four.  This is a much faster recovery time than my first and I am so thankful.

Pheew! I am glad I made no promises for a short post. For those of you who lasted through this, I thank you. You are a trooper!

Do you have a birth story? How are you handling your second delivery? Was your second delivery much easier? How was the recovery period?

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