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Project 52: 2 Making memories as a family. Fun at the state fair

I believe in making family memories and cherishing those moments. I believe that it bonds your family tighter and helps you realize that family is one of the most important things in your life. These people are placed in your life for a reason. Why not take time to find out those reasons.

At the state fair 2012
Taking time out of your every day routine pushes your family to focus on more important things. When you get stuck in the repeat of everyday lives, sometimes you forget to be the fun mom who takes time to really listen to your kids and get involved with their imagination. Sometimes it takes scheduling fun events to pull your mind away from your job, your household chores, and every day duties. You have to be put into a different situation to refocus on what is important to your family.
Doing the same'ole every day thing is like living your life in auto pilot and not being able to really enjoy your family. I challenge myself to schedule events so that we can take time off autopilot and make memories. These memories don't have to cost a dime.

Makenas very first ride EVER!!!! She chose the tea cup ride.
My siblings and I were very blessed with our mom. She knew how important creating family memories were. She was always such a hard worker and used her earning to take her family on "once in a life time" family vacations. She knew that it would open our eyes to the diversity in the world giving us insight to other cultures, religions and views. She modeled good behavior by treating everyone the same respect and helping others when she could.
My mom and aunt Jennie were volunteers.
On one of her vacations that she was planning to Brazil, she had heard that an area that she would visit was one of the poorest areas and that the people who lived there were so poor that they could not even afford clothes. My mom packed an extra suit case full of clothes that she was planning on selling at a yard sale that summer. On her last day of her stay in that area she left the bag of clothes to the hotel maid. The lady was so grateful and told my mom that she would share with the rest of the girls in her family.
I want to be that kind of influence on my kids too.

This is a quote that my mom pinned recently...
Source: via Yvonne on Pinterest

As a mom I love spending this time developing my children's faith, values, ethics, characteristics, beliefs and morals. I want to spend as much quality time being a positive influence on them. I want to stand tall as a positive role model. I am not saying I am any where near perfect (because God only knows) but I will devote my life to trying my very best.

Old McDonald's farm

Her all time favorite ride... on Daddies shoulders.
How' bout you? What do you do to create family memories?

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