Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy One Month Birthday Andrew!

Happy One Month Birthday Andrew!

I just can't believe it! My little baby boy is a month old! This month really flew by. My husband only has one week left on his paternity leave. We were blessed that he was able to take off work for 5 weeks.
This month has been so busy for us considering we have a brand new baby bundle to take care of, but life can't really stop. We had Makena to think of too. So with that we were off to play dates, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, picnics in the park, dance class, our weekly visits to the grandparents house, doctors appointments, and visiting out of town guests.  Hopefully things will start to settle down soon.
Phillip will leaving back to work soon and and although Ive enjoyed having him home and really appreciated the extra help, I'm ready for us to get back on a schedule, Some how we have had this house messier than its ever been... EVER!!! Its driving me nuts!

This month Andrew has changed so much since he has been born. 
He is lifting his head really good already.

It looks like he is looking more like me than Makena ever did. (I'm so happy that, at least, one of my kids looks like me!) Phillips mom says he looks like my dad which means he looks like me too. LOL!

He is starting to fill out now. His cheeks are getting fuller and his legs are starting to develop little rolls on them. (cute!) At his last doctors appointment he was weighing just under 10 pounds which he has probably past by now. His pediatrician joked with us that we may have to put him on a diet soon. We were so happy to hear that since they were concerned with his weight at first. He had lost a whole pound in 3 days after he was born. We are so happy that he is making up for it now.

I love looking at all of his little characteristics that make him. He looks like he may have curly hair just like his daddy. He as the sweetest fuzzy ears, shoulders and legs. He also has his daddies hands. They are not only long but big. Phillip is convinced he will be a basketball player like he was.

Andrew seems to be a much calmer baby than Makena was. He definitely has Phillips "chill" personality.

Even though Andrew put himself on a pretty good schedule, we plan on setting a schedule in the next few weeks. We follow the Baby Wise books. We did this with Makena and we swear by it. It is really what kept us sane.  She was a really good happy baby and this made it that much better.

This time around we plan on implementing everything a bit earlier with Andrew, since we know it works so well. We also plan on incorporating "The baby whisperer", and "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" just like we did last time.

Makena is adjusting well. In fact there was never any real problem with her transitioning to a big sister. She is very helpful and loving. She has been staying busy with her big sister duties. She brings me diapers, wipes, cleans up her toys, sings lullabies to baby brother when he is sleepy, gives him his pacifier when he cries and always lets me know when he cries by telling me "Give him milk, it will make him feel better".  She always wants to give him hugs and kisses and tell everyone she meets about her baby brother.

Here is the proud big sister!

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