Thursday, September 13, 2012

Framed Chalkboard Wall DIY Project

Chalkboard Project

I wanted a new communication board in my kitchen. My dry erase board was falling apart.  It was also too small for what I had planned to use it for.

I knew I wanted something to fill the wall space all the way down to the floor so that while I was cooking or cleaning up the kitchen I could keep my daughter occupied. She loves to draw!

I purchased a pint of chalkboard paint from Ace Hardware and taped off the wall to see if that's where I wanted to paint.  I then painted 3 coats of paint. After it dried I used crown molding to frame it like a piece of artwork.  That gave it so much character and elegance.

Because we are moving, I know I am going to have to do this project all over again in our new house. So here is what I will do differently next time around:
1. My wall is very textured. That makes it really hard to draw with chalk.
2. It is really hard to wipe clean because of the textured wall.
3. I would have loved to just take this with us when we move to our new house and at the same time make it really secure so that it doesn't fall off the wall when my daughter is drawing on it.
4. I would love to have been able to use magnets on this chalkboard as well.
5. I would really have loved it if the paint was low VOC, non toxic.

So here is my plan for when I put this up in the new house:
1. First, I will purchase a sheet of metal from Lowes so that I can make it magnetic.
2. I will paint it with low VOC non toxic chalkboard paint.  I found Ecos chalkboard paint.

3. I will secure the painted metal panel on my wall with screws to the studs.
4.  I will add some fancy trim.

And there you have it! Just like I want it!

I hope this inspires you to paint your very own chalkboard wall and gives you some ideas on how to solve some of the problems that I have had with my project.  

Here is more inspirational pictures of beautiful chalkboard walls. Enjoy!

Source: via Minerva on Pinterest

Source: via Denice on Pinterest

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