Monday, August 13, 2012

Super Shiny Teeth

Hello! Things have been so busy here lately. I have been cranking orders out like crazy and on top of that I am due any day now. Thankfully, or not, my contractions have slowed and I am not in to much pain just very uncomfortable. 
But in the midst of all this chaos my little girl made me smile today. We had bought her some new "my little Pony" toothpaste since we used up all her other toothpaste, and she has been so obsessed with it. Every chance she gets she climbs up on her step stool in her bathroom and grabs her toothpaste tries to open it, (she can't) and proceeds to take a big whiff. Then excitedly says "it smells soooo good!" She also asks to brush her teeth about 20 times a day.
Well, after nap she woke up and I thought she was still getting dressed and I walked in on her brushing her teeth in her room. That stinker learned how to open up her "my little pony" toothpaste and started brushing her teeth! Oh, Lord! She just looked so darn cute I had to run for my camera. Here are the pictures...

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