Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My daughters new big girl room and ideas for organizing toys

We have just recently transformed Makena's room from a toddler room to a big girl room. She is two years old and ready to take this step.
Originally we had got her a toddler bed. After a few days of having it we realized that it was unnecessary. She was going to grow out of that tiny bed so fast and we were going to be in the same boat in a year, trying to find her a new bed.

We decided that we needed to get her a new bedroom set. We wanted to stay with a twin size bed so that she could have the extra space in her room to play. We also wanted something very sturdy that would last a long time, hopefully into her college years.  We finally found the perfect one on clearance at Pottery Barn. We ended up getting the whole bedroom set which included the bed frame, dresser and night stand.  We also found her a brand new Sealy mattress which I was excited about because it was finally a softer mattress that she could sleep in. When they are babies experts recommend that they sleep on stiffer mattresses for suffocation reasons. Now that they are older they recommend softer mattresses. Yay! She loves being on a soft mattress. She says "it is soooo comfy!"

Well I have to say that this mattress is so comfy that you will often find mommy and daddy in it too. Yes, at night before she goes to sleep we are all cuddled in her twin bed listening to her tell us stories about her day, reading a book or two or three, singing lullabies, listening to mommies made up stories about princess and fairies with morals and lessons attached to them (great way to get her to understand the rules we have set for her), and saying our bedtime prayers. Daddy often gets silly with her and I find myself in the middle of their tickle fest. Hehehe! I love to hear her giggle!

This is our little reading nook. When she was little she used to sit on my lap when I read her a book. Now that she is bigger and so am I, with my huge belly bump, we moved her to the floor and I sit on the glider like a teacher telling a whole class of kids a story.  We found that this small move was very necessary. It taught her to learn how to sit still (we tell her to sit criss cross apple sauce, hands in your lap and to stay still). It is getting her ready for a classroom environment.

Her closet is only at the beginning stages. We have two big bins fro her stuffed animals and toys. On the left we have put her hamper at easy access so that she can throw her dirty clothes in there herself. The pink bin on the left outside of her closet is her shoe bin. Easy accessible for her to choose her own shoes to wear and put them away by herself.  I really like her to have access to as much as possible to encourage her to be self sufficient at an early age. It teaches her to be responsible for herself and also help out with family chores.
We are eventually going to build shelves and add another row to hang her clothes a little lower.

Our modular shelf is one of our favorite purchases. We had made a special trip to the Ikea in Arizona to purchase this among other things.  I really wish they would open up an Ikea here.  We bought the pink bins from Target and the basket I received for her baby shower.  The bottom bins are where we organized her toys. One for her dress up clothes, one for her My Little Ponies, one for her puppets, and the last one for her barbies (a.k.a. my old barbies).  The bright pink bins on top we have put puzzles in one and the other has odds and ends.  Her books we have organized by books she could access and play with on her own (hard back books that are harder to destroy) and the top shelves are reserved for paper back books that I don't want her to accidentally rip. Now that she is older and more careful with books we have stopped doing this but she still keeps her favorite books on the bottom shelves.

On her dresser we have a basket full of hair products. barrettes, brush, detangler spray and rubber bands.  We keep this basket our of reach because if she could, she would be playing in this basket all day and with small rubber bands and spray I just think it would be safer out of her reach.

This is one of the paintings that I painted for her room. I originally was going to make it a ballerina themed room, but I decided that it might get old after a while. So for now she has a reminder that she needs to practice for her ballet class every day. 

Here is another painting I created for her. It is a growth chart that we have been using since she was born. We record her measurements every year (so far we have recorded 3 measurements). It is so much fun to see how much she has grown in two years.  At the top of this tree-like vine it says "My how they grow!"

I hope you liked this tour of my daughters ever changing room. 
How do you organize your child's room? I would love to hear your ideas on how to improve on organization.
Have a great week!

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