Saturday, August 4, 2012

Harvest Box

Delivered Harvest Box
So my husband has recently made pretty big changes to his diet due to his fathers heart attack and some pretty scary test results for himself. He is now very cautious of what he is ingesting and making really good decisions on heart health.
He is now back to running or biking every day and going to the gym. He also comes home to eat for lunch while at work. No more fast food, but if he does have to pick up a quick meal he has his few restaurants that he knows has good healthy meals in a hurry.
Fortunately, this has our whole entire family starting to think about the way we are eating too.  It has forced me to be creative in the kitchen and make our traditional meals heart healthy. He is trying to stay completely away from trans fats and saturated fats, salt, red meat and only eating fish and chicken twice a week.
We have been benefitting from his diet for a while now and one of our first changes was to eat more whole/ real foods. Staying away from processed foods. So we took advantage of our little garden and planted more edible foods instead of too many flowers and plants (which we still have just not as many). Another very important thing we did was become members of our local farms that deliver fresh, organic, local produce right to our door.
This eliminates the need to go shopping more than we need to for our fresh items (it also cuts down costs which everyone know when you go to the store for one thing you pick up way more than you originally went for. Not to mention gas costs too.) Another thing that we have noticed is that when we have fresh items we are constantly thinking of ways to eat it or include it in our meals before it goes bad. I am so happy to say that we don't waste produce now. We are always trying to eat it before it goes bad and therefore it fills our tummies so that there is no room for "junk eating".
So now every Tuesday feels like christmas morning when we wake up to a fresh harvest box full of yummy things to eat.

This is also a great way to teach my daughter what food actually looks like instead of the pre cut/ peeled/ and color injected stuff you normally see at the store.
Another great benefit of getting locally grown produce is the flavor is so much better and fulfilling. Yummy!

So after we receive our harvest box I take the items that we eat every day throughout the day (which are normally carrots and broccoli) and I peel and cut them so that we can enjoy them easier. I have my handy dandy little Pampered chef party tray with cooling trays on the bottom and I put everything in there. I know this is normally for parties but my family eats vegetables so much throughout the day that we fill it and stock it in the fridge and when one of us gets hungry for a snack we pull out the whole tray and feast on healthy vegetables and fruit instead of snacks. Having it in the tray is nice because not only is deployed so pretty but it is soooooo easy to reach in and get.

As you may have noticed I save my broccoli stems. I know most people throw them, but I hate wasting food so my mother in law taught me to save them and chop them up for a stir fry or soup. Stay tuned I have a recipe that involves just that coming very soon.
If you would like to receive a box full of fresh produce from Skarsgardfarms let them know I referred you. They send me $10 towards my next box and they will send you the same when you refer your friends and family.

I hope you enjoyed my post today and I hope you were inspired to try and eat a little more healthy too.

How do you get your fresh produce? Do you have any heart healthy recipes you would like to share?

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