Saturday, July 28, 2012

One of my favorite healthy desserts

Have you ever had frozen grapes? 
This is one of my favorite desserts in the summer. A dessert that I have a few times during the day. 

I decide to share it with you in hopes that you try it and like it, which I am sure you will. It tastes like grape flavored ice cream without the extra sugar and calories.  What I really love about frozen grapes is that when they are frozen they are not frozen solid, they are sort of slushy. 

I eat these so much! I eat them as a snack on the couch while watching my favorite show. I eat these with my little girl during snack time. I eat these in the evening on my front porch after watering my garden, when it is just starting to cool off outside.  I take them to the park to help cool us down. There are so many ways you can eat this too. I eat them in my in my yogurt. I eat them paired with other frozen fruit. I put it in my ice cream and even in my salad. Yummy!

I hope this post gave you a new heathy treat for you and your family too.

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