Monday, July 9, 2012

Charitable Donation because I am blessed and I know it so I have to show it!

I am blessed and I KNOW IT so I have to SHOW IT!

So happy to announce that 10% of my proceeds in my Etsy shop from now until December 2013 will be going directly to my favorite charity that is near and dear to my heart. 
Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital because these children would like a little frosting on their parties too and with Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation and your donations they have a lot to celebrate!

Why I decided to give.

I was working on a big order the other day and counting my blessings when I started to think about christmas and how I was looking forward to the Festival of Trees event that I volunteer for every year. 
I thought about those darling kids that I see there every year and how lucky they are to be apart of such a wonderful hospital. 
I wondered what would ever happened if they ran out of money! 
Then I had an idea... 
Why not donate part of my proceeds from my business to this hospital that I am so proud of? 
So here I am now, proudly, announcing that every time you purchase an item from Frost Your Party,   10% will go directly to Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation. 

I thank you so much for your purchase and for supporting Carrie Tingley and a mama entrepreneur. 

About Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation

The mission of Carrie Tingley Foundation is to “enhance the lives of Carrie Tingley Hospital patients and special needs children and their families throughout New Mexico.” An independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation was founded in1963.
At Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation, we strive to assist families with their medical and daily living needs and also offer long-term assistance, education and programs through funding for research scholarships and quality of life programs such as a summer wheelchair sports camp.  Every year, thousands of special needs children are served.

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