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Recycling your eco- friendly party

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Recycling your eco- friendly party:
Is it ok to ask your guests to recycle their trash? Absolutely yes!  It is ok, especially if you make it easy for them.
It is not ok to be upset at your guests for not recycling properly. You have to keep in mind that not everyone is going to share your same beliefs and values and some may be so unfamiliar with this concept that they simply are just clueless to what is appropriate and what is not. Some may just, plain out, not care about recycling. You may not judge them and decipher which type they are. Don't get discouraged though! Most people are willing to help you recycle your party if it's convenient. Some will be very grateful that you did this.  You may have planted a seed in the brain of some people. These are the ones that will have been inspired to go home and make steps to become more eco- friendly. Most of the time these inspired people will be kids.  Kids pick up on this very quickly and become interested in helping the planet and all the animals and people who live here.
Let's talk about easy ways to set up your recycling containers.

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If you are going to have paper and plastic products that are going to be trashed try and set up recyclable trash containers that are easy accessible and clearly marked. If it is easy and convenient guests will have no problem separating and recycling. Line each trash can with a bag and when it gets full it will be so easy to pull out the full trash bag and stick a new one in there.
If you clearly label your recycling cans and put them in a convenient t location you will not have to mention anything about recycling to your guests.

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You can buy fancy recycling trash cans, but those can get pricey. Try buying different colored trash cans from the dollar store and labeling them: Plastic, Paper, Metal and Glass. 
You can even use different colored plastic storage bins that you probably already have in your garage. Label and line each of them with a bag.
Both of these will be perfect for your party. Make sure to use the lids if you are planning an out door event where there might be little critters or a chance of rain.
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Best part is, that after making these recycling bins you can easily incorporate them into the rest of your life. Keep them in your kitchen or even in your garage and take the necessary steps to reduce your carbon foot print.

I have designed some sticker labels that you can use to label your recycling bins and keep your guests and family members from guessing what goes where. My Etsy Shop recycle labels
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