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Inviting Your Guests to an Eco- friendly party

Inviting your guests:

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Keep your party small. I know that for some people with big families it seems impossible. Believe me I know, I come from a big spanish family. My parents are divorced and remarried so I alone have 4 separate families not including my husbands large spanish families.  Sheesh! It can get overwhelming at times. Family is so important to us and we love to include everyone because parties are what keeps us in touch and close knit. 

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With that said, if you have a large family you can always try and combine events instead of having a huge birthday party for one child try and hold a duel birthday party for both your children. You can always make it special for each child by having separate birthday cakes, or singing "happy birthday" to each child separately. Maybe even
celebrating their birthday separately on their
birthday with just the family (mom, dad and siblings).

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Even if you have a boy and a girl you can throw a really fun gender nuetral themed party like candy land.  Can you imagine the money you'll save?

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Sending out invites should also be eco- friendly. Instead of printing your invitations on regular cardstock paper, try using recycled cardstock paper it comes in many different colors. Here is a company I found called paperworks that carry recycled cardstock and envelopes.

Try hand delivering some when you see your guests. Start making your invitations early so that if you know that you will be seeing one of your guests you can just take their invite and hand it to them instead of using the postal service.
Lets go a step further. How about using your paper grocery bags? When you cut them to an 8.5X11 they fit just perfect in your home printer. Make sure it is not torn or too wrinkly though because it will jam.

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For the best eco-friendly invites switch to e-vites. Sending your invitations via email is super easy. Almost everyone now a days has an email. Just make a few quick calls to find out everyones email and send my PDF invitation. What is really nice is that everything I send is through email already so you can just forward the invite to all of your guests. SWEEEEET!
Use the same methods for your thank you cards after your party.

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