Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

***Stay tuned for my Gender Reveal Party Kit...

My husband and I just found out what we are having for baby #2 and we are so excited! So we decided to have a little fun telling the grandparents and family and friends this time around. We decided to have a gender reveal party. --- I know what your thinking.... What, a "gender reveal" party? Next you will be having an "I passed my glucose test" party and then a "I've had my tubes tied" party --- Well your probably right! Any one who knows me, knows that I come up with excuses to have parties. I love the excitement and social aspects of a good party.  But in all seriousness, this party was so special to us. Makena was old enough this year to start understanding about parties and we wanted to make her excited about her new baby brother that she will soon be holding.

It's a... Boy!!!

Makena is now very excited! She stands on her little stool that we keep by her sink to wash her hands, and she says "mommy, mommy wait! Kiss my brother!" and then gently attempts to wrap her arms around my belly and kisses it saying "I love you brother!" It is the sweetest thing. She will stay wrapped around by belly all day if I let her. So I have to pry her little arms off of me or bribe her to let go with "Makena, lets go play outside." She has even started adding her brother into her prayers before bed.

I can't wait to see her in full "blown big sister" action! I have a feeling she is going to be a very big helper. I am looking forward to that extra help that I didn't have when she was born. She carries her dollies around on her hip and even puts diapers on them. Sometimes I even catch her putting them in her basket on her tri-cycle and takes them for a ride saying come on baby.

We have really been working on chores too. She is only two, I know! But it is already so helpful and she loves knowing that she is helping. (I will be posting all about what chores I have her do and how I got her to do it, soon.)


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