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Eco- Friendly Party Gifts

Eco- Friendly Party Gifts

Do you or your child need more cluttery gifts?

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Gifts are something very hard to get out of. Even if you specify "no gift" on your invitations people are going to want to still bring gifts.

Instead make eco- friendly suggestions:  

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1. Activity gifts (certificates to piano lessons, swimming lessons, dance, soccer, gymnastics, etc...)

2. Encourage donating to your favorite charities instead.

How should you ask your guests for these type of gifts?
You can say something like this in your invitation:

3. Memory gift. Ask that your guests schedule a memory gift for your child and spend time with your child making memories at the zoo, park, swimming pool, or playmate.

"Because little Ryan has plenty of toys we ask that if you want to bring a gift, that you donate to our favorite charity in his name. We thank you for your generosity"
You can also not mention anything in the invitation, but instead spread the word through close family.

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If you are wrapping girts for your child. Don't use conventional wrapping paper. Instead use an old bed sheet, news paper, comic strip, brown grocery bag, basket to hold a few gifts, blanket, or an old favorite T-shirt, etc...
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Another great option would be not to wrap the gift at all and instead hide it somewhere and prepare a scavenger hunt. This is fun for kids as well as adults.

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