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Eco- Friendly Party Favors

Eco- Friendly Party Favors

 Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Best thing to do, when trying to be eco-friendly, is ban those little favors all together. However I think that it would start World War III with all the crazed kids at your house.  Just kidding! Luckily there are some green gifts to hand out to your guest as they walk out the door.

Flower pots with little seedlings are a great gift to take home. Message me for a custom label that you can add to your seedlings. You can describe the type of seedling as well as thank your guest all on one tag.  You can attach a tag to a popsicle stick or print it on sticker paper to stick on the pot. For a more eco- friendly choice print it on recycled paper and use a pretty ribbon on twine to wrap around your pot to attach. Visit  My Etsy Shop for more ideas.

                                                                                 Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Anything edible is always a favorite. Think, baked goods or fresh produce in a basket or brown bag.
Print my custom graphics right on the brown bags and use a scalloped scissor to embellish the top of the bags.  You can also opt for this option and turn a 100% recycled brown paper lunch bag (available at Target) into a favor bag. Use a Frost Your Party Graphic that matches your party to print straight on to the bag.  You can stuff it with baked goods, crafts that your children made for their guests, etc...
                                                                Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

                                                                         Source: via Katy on Pinterest

                                                                 Source: via Naomi on Pinterest

These creative things are edible favor bags. They are made with homemade fruit leather. You can stuff them with homemade mini short bread cookies.

Maybe even freshly cut flowers from your garden.

                                                                   Source: via Bree on Pinterest

Mason jars filled with ingredients to make a baked good like cowgirl cookies are always a hit.

                                                                Source: via Tim Duncan Events on Pinterest

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