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Eco-friendly food and drink options

Food and Drinks
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Lets start off with food. Buying locally grown organic produce will not only help to support your community but it will cut down on car emissions by not having all your food imported from different states.  Buying locally is easier than it seems. Go to your local growers market and shop the produce. You can ask questions and learn all about where your food is coming from and what they did and used to grow it.

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I know that you will probably want some other things to serve besides produce, so try and stick to snacks, treats and food that is not too overly processed and difficult.
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Rethink your menu options and time of day. maybe go for finger food items at "brunch" time.  This way they don't really need plates, maybe just a napkin. Finger foods can include small tea sandwiches, fruit shish kabobs, and meat shish kabobs.

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Think about making your own cake or cup cakes too. This way you control the ingredients and not only can you make it eco-friendly but you can make it healthier too, cause who really needs sugar when you can substitute it with yummy honey or applesauce.

Here is a link to my daughters first birthday party where I made her a healthy cake. You can also check out the recipe. Babies first cake

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Serving drinks from a punch bowl or a pitcher will help reduce your collection of trash and save you money on buying individually packaged drinks like sodas and water bottles.  Serve the ever popular sweet tea in a pitcher or a fancy summer drink in a punch bowl. You can even use a clear glass pitcher to serve water with lemon or other fruit frozen in ice cubes to make for a yummy an refreshing drink.

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  1. Becca I absolutely love ur website, it makes me want to have a party so I can do all these great ideas :) keep up the good work



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