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Eco- friendly cleaning after the party is over

Eco- friendly cleaning after the party is over

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Some of you may be familiar with Method cleaning products but those of you who don't, you have go to try them.I couldn't wait to tell you guys about some of my favorite eco- friendly cleaning products. I have guests come over to my house and comment on how clean it is and how nice it smells. Well cats out of the bag. There is a reason why I like to clean and why my house smells so good. My reason is "Method".
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Not only are they non toxic but they smell delicious! They are so safe my that I feel comfortable having my two year old be around them and help me clean. Isn't that a wonderful reason to switch to non- toxic cleaning products? Because your kids can now help you with the cleaning. LOL! These little magic bottles have very yummy smells that you infuse your house and furniture with that these smells tend to linger a little longer.
Some of my favorite Method products are:

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My number one favorite Method cleaning product is the All Purpose cleaner in Lavender scent. Lavender is supposed to promote relaxation and calmness. Can you imagine smelling lavender as you are cleaning up messes? It is heavenly!

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My next favorite Method product is the dish soap in grapefruit scent. Washing dishes is so much fun now. The fresh scent of grapefruit takes my to a summery place even in the winter blues. After washing dishes the scent of grapefruit lingers on my pruney looking hands for quite some time.

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My next favorite Method cleaning product is the wood cleaner in almond scent. Ok this product, not only works really well but it smells so delicious that I have to hold myself back from licking the furniture. Just kidding! But seriously it does smell amazing. This is my two year olds favorite chore. She will dust everything including herself and I don't have to worry about her being around and breathing in harsh chemicals.  

Cleaning ends up being a breeze and after a party, the last thing you want to do is clean so might as well make it enjoyable. 

Thanks for joining me on my Earth Day event here at Frost Your Party! I hope you have enjoyed all these tips and tricks to make your parties, weddings and events "green".  I know with all the research I have done, I have definitely learned a lot and can't wait to apply these tips to my next event. 
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