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Choosing a location for an eco-friendly party

Choosing a location for an eco-friendly party

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Your best bet would be to have your event during the day so that you can use our natural resource.... the sun for our light. It will cut down on a lot of electricity and save you money.

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Even towards the end of the day when it starts to get dark out, you can dig out your candles and dine or drink under candlelight. What a great atmosphere. even using a strand of twinkly lights can keep electricity low.

Having a party outside would also mean you don't need as much decorations. Nature itself gives a wonderful atmosphere. Fresh picked flowers from your garden can make a wonderful centerpiece of two. The trees can lend your branches to hang your twinkly lights and lanterns.

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I know that the weather is always an element that you have to work around and if the weather does not allow an outdoor event and you have to set up inside there are still some eco friendly things you can do.
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One important thing to do is try and bring the outdoors in.  If if is a rainy day outside and you opted to stay in doors to avoid a soaked birthday cake, you can open the windows and let that cool air, not to mention wonderful rain smell, inside to cool off the house. It will cut down on having to run your air conditioner on high.
If you are already having your party during the day, you don't have to worry too much about turning on the lights.

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