Monday, March 12, 2012

Lorax Party Kit and Ideas

So I have been seeing some really cute ideas to go along with Lorax Party Kit, and I have collected them so that I can share with you all in this post.
If you are thinking about throwing a Lorax Birthday, I hope this post convinces you to really do it. Enjoy!

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These next ideas are from byheartbooks I had to share these great game ideas. This is what they wrote:

The Lorax Birthday Party Ideas, Games (Home-Based)
Home birthday parties for kids can be tons of fun without breaking the bank, and it’s a lot easier to plan out activities when you have a theme – so run with The Lorax!
(Thanks to Marie LeBaron for the craft idea below!)
STORY TELLING: For kids aged 3-7, warm them up to the theme by taking 20 minutes at the start for story telling. Sit the kids down in a circle with snacks and read them The Lorax. The key is to be as animated and entertaining as possible, so if you’re not comfortable being over the top, enlist help. Even if kids have heard the story before, no matter – it’s worth re-reading with flair!
THE LORAX MEMORY GAME: One of our favourite party games for kids is the Memory game, and it’s easy to put a Lorax twist on it. Put at least double the number of items to kids on a tray or table and cover it with a cloth. Once all the kids are circled around the objects, remove the cloth for a minute and tell the kids to memorize the objects. When the minute’s up, replace the cloth. Have the kids draw numbers. In order, ask each child to name one object on the tray within a set time limit (say 10 seconds). When a kid can’t name a new object, they are out of the game. The game continues until either all items are named or there is only one kid left – any children left standing are winners. To “Lorax” it up, include a variety of nature and environmental items: a stone, a twig, a recycle symbol cut from a box, a sparkly pompom to give a feel of a truffula tree, a gardening shovel, a seed packet, different leaves, etc.
THE LORAX BROKEN TELEPHONE: Sit the kids down in a circle or line and have an adult whisper a phrase into a child’s ear. At least for the first round, pick a phrase from The Lorax without telling the kids – for instance, “You’re in charge of the last of the Truffula Seeds!” That first child then whispers the phrase into the ear of the next kid and so on. When it gets to the last child, he or she repeats the phrase out loud. This game can have some pretty funny endings, especially if you choose some of the crazier Dr. Seuss phrases!
THE LORAX PASS A PARCEL: One of my favorite children’s party games, and it’s a lot easier to play anywhere now that everyone has iPods! Wrap a parcel in at least as many layers of gift wrap as there are kids at the party (we like to do at least 1.5x). Use old newspapers or recycled kraft paper – the theme IS The Lorax, after all! Sit the kids in a circle and give the gift to the birthday child. Start the music. The kids pass the parcel around the circle as long as the music continues. When it stops, the kid holding the parcel unwraps one layer. Repeat until the final layer is unwrapped and the prize is revealed. Here’s a fabulous make-ahead craft idea from Marie LeBaron that you can use as a prize – a Speak For The Trees framed picture. (Hot Potato Variation: Kids pass around a present (only needs to be wrapped once) while music plays and whoever’s holding it when the music stops, they’re out. Be forewarned, though – if you’re using the above craft for your item, wrap it in newspaper in a box… because odds are the “hot potato” will get thrown around and dropped in panic!)

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