Friday, March 9, 2012

Cheesy scalloped potatoes with broccoli.

So I know I crave some funny things while I am pregnant, but today I craved something my whole family loves. I'm sure lots of you guys have made this in some way or another but I will post the recipe anyway.

You can very easily alter this dish and add any season vegetable or even bacon.  I think I would be pretty yummy with roasted eggplant added. This is a very easy simple dish, so if you have not tried to make it I hope I can encourage you to try it.

Amounts vary depending on how much your want to make and how big your casserole dish is.
-Potatoes (I prefer red potatoes)
-Grated cheese (I used grated parmesan and mozzerella)
-onions (diced very fine)
-garlic powder

Preheat oven to 350 and spray casserole dish with non stick cooking oil.
-Cut potatoes into very thin slices (this is so important to have them sliced very thin otherwise they will not cook thoroughly)
-layer first a thin layer of potatoes, then sprinkle lightly with flour, add broccoli, onions, garlic powder, and pepper.
-Repeat the layer until you reach the top of the casserole dish without going over. 
-add milk so that it fills up 1.5 inches of the bottom of the casserole dish. (you will have to guess on this unless you have a clear casserole dish._
-bake in the oven for 45-60 minutes or until potatoes are fully cooked.
-I love fresh veggies so I like to add fresh uncooked broccoli to the top of the potatoes. 

I hope you enjoy! What do you put in your cheesy scalloped potatoes?

P.S. Guess what a doctor prescribed for me???

Yep, that right! Candy... Hard candy to be exact. Ok so it was the pharmacist at Target, but it's not every day you are prescribed candy. I have been battling with allergies during this pregnancy and of course your not allowed to take any medication for this. My throat has been really itchy and no amount of water will cure it so she suggested hard candy. I thanked her and (out loud) I yelled "wahooo candy aisle here I come!

The other day we went to a play date and the host set up a pudding finger paint idea. It was such a cute idea that I wanted to share really quickly what she did.
She used vanilla pudding and using food grade dye, she dyes the putting different colors. The kids got to use their finger to paint on paper.Best part was they got to stop and have a snack break every once in a while and lick their finger. I have to admit Makena hates being dirty so as soon as I stuck her cute little fingers in the pudding she tells me "oh, mama, wipe please" So I ended up painting her paper but boy did I have fun. LOL!

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