Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sick of being sick

I had lots of plans today and this was not one of them so everything else had to be cancelled. I have two sick babes at home today. One big one and one little one. I feel so bad for them and wish that I could take it from both of them. Mean while I'm busy wiping boogers (off the little one ha!) giving rub downs, taking temperatures, filing up humidifiers, and spending some time in the kitchen making some good old fashion "feel better" food ( I will post the recipes soon). We also made a stop at the pediatric urgent care and adult urgent care. Diagnoses? Makena has some kind of viral thing, I'm sure it's the yucky thing that is going around, and Phillip has a sinus infection. Poor babies. Fortunately I am not sick and don't plan on it either. I've got my trusty vitamin C and Clorox wipes.
Here is a picture of Makena with her, doctor recommended, "medicine". She felt "all better" afterwards. Ya well it surely put a smile in her red stained face. My face, on the other hand, was cringing with her first taste of non-homemade Popsicle. Will she ever want to eat my home made fruit yogurt mix with not an ounce of sugar Popsicle again? Eeeeek!

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