Saturday, February 18, 2012

DIY fireplace mantle

I have been wanting to share my fireplace makeover with everyone. I needed to, not only dress up our fireplace, but I needed a place to hang our stockings. So as you probably already noticed, I have a wood burning stove. Not a typical fireplace. I really love my wood burning stove and wouldn't trade it for the world. If you have owned a wood burning stove before you know how amazing it is. It keeps us so warm in the winter months and to hear the crackling of a real fire echoing inside is so soothing. The sound is equivalent to the feeling you get listening to rain fall on a tin roof. 
So because this gets extremely hot I made sure that it was set far enough from the wall.

So all I got was pre primed wood and I cut everything to size.

I used a floating shelf technique. This piece I built hollow, as you can see.

Do you see the wooden brace on the wall. I screwed it directly into the studs in the wall so that it was very sturdy. Then screwed the hollowed out shelf right into the stud.

I finished it off by framing the tiled area with other pieces of wood. I wanted to give it a tiered look to add dimension.

Well there it is! My DIY fireplace mantle makeover. You can even do this around your traditional fireplace and add some wooden embellishments that you can find pre made at any Lowes or Home Depot.

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