Friday, November 4, 2011

Boil over no more!

So I was on the internet the other day and saw this idea on pinterest somewhere that you can place a wooden spoon over a boiling pot and it will never boil over. Well I really had to test this one out. I figured it would just, easily, boil over the spoon. So I put my noodles in the water and turned the stove on high. I let it boil almost out of the pot and then at the last minute I placed my wooden spoon across the pot. I waited for the pot to boil over. I waited, and I waited, and I waited. It seemed like it was so close to just spill over the edge, but to my surprise my timer went off telling me that my noodles were done. Wow! It really worked! Now I know (for next time) that I can turn on the pot, put a wooden spoon on top and be able to cut veggies without worrying about my pot boiling over. this kind of stuff makes me feel like a secret super hero. What are your cooking and baking secrets?

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