Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tissue paper pom-pom how to / tutorial

6 Easy Steps:

1st stack 8 or 9 20"X30" tissue paper of any color.
2nd fold it in a 1.5" accordion all the way to the end

3rd cut both ends in either a round edge or a point, like I did, with scissors.

5th use a wire or ribbon and tie it in the middle of the accordion. I used a bread tie.

6th pull each sheet of tissue up. 

It will start forming into a sphere. You can tie it to a pretty ribbon and hang it or display it on a table as a centerpiece.

You can even display it on a pillar candle holder for elegance. 
Have fun and enjoy!

Make small tissue poms by using 5 7X10" tissue paper.

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