Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Strawberry Cakes and Cupcakes Ideas

Strawberry Cakes and Cupcake Ideas:

Right now I am in love with having a strawberry themed Party. Can you tell? It is just such a fresh party theme with fun colors, how can anybody dislike it? I think I want my next party to have this theme. Maybe I should forward this post to my husband and leave little hints around the house so he get the idea. ; 0)

Glorious Treats made the strawberry, leaves and flowers out of fondant. She has an amazing post on her blog with lots of ideas for this theme. Go check her out!

This tall refreshing cake is from I love how simple the overall cake is with a dramatic height. It sure makes great eye candy!!! Go check this site out for great strawberry picnic ideas.

Some people prefer cake and some people prefer cupcakes. With this cute cake you can satisfy both of those groups of people. (original source is unknown. If any of you know where this cake is from. I would love to add the credit where credit is certainly due for this amazing cake!)

I actually love this odd color scheme with the sky blue added to the green and red strawberry color scheme. It makes for an eye catching surprise.

I love the simple cakes with just one unique detail to draw me in.  This cake looks like just a simple white cake layered with whip cream and strategically placed halved strawberries. Original source unknown. Please let me know if you know who I can credit this to.

This cake is also from glorioustreats can you tell I love her! This cakes is so colorful and perfect that you just don't want to eat it.

I would love to learn how to make this beautiful cake but unfortunately this site is not in english. But go check it out anyway to see lots of beautiful pictures. callmecupcake What a great idea to sprinkle sugar on top of the strawberries. It gives it a frozen look. Yummy!

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