Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Strawberry Cake Pops

Strawberry Cake Pops:

I really love these Strawberry Cake Pops from merrydays.wordpress.com! They are very simple and add

such a great pop of color into any dessert bar. Follow my easy steps to make these cake pops and you

will be golden. You should also check out Merrydays site for other fun ideas too.

Materials you need:

Already made cake

Red chocolate melts

black edible ink pen

green flower shaped sprinkles

lolli pop sticks

wax paper

cookie sheets

6 Easy Steps:

Step 1.  Bake a cake. It can be a homemade cake, box cake. whatever flavor whatever color you want.

Step 2.  Crumble the cake. After the cake is baked and cooled, you'll want to crumble the cake with your 

hands. Make sure to crumble any lumps. 

Step 3.  Mold the cake into a strawberry shape.  Using your hands, form the crumbled cake into a 

strawberry shape. Poke the lolli pop sticks into the point of the strawberry shape.  Place all the shaped

pieces onto a cookie sheet (do not grease the cookie sheet). Stick the cookie sheet in the freezer for a

couple of hours so that the cake balls are completely frozen.

Step 4.  Prepare your chocolate and decorations.  While your cake balls are in the freezer, prepare your

also set out your candy sprinkles and edible black ink pen.

chocolate by adding red gel food dye to white chocolate or just use already red chocolate.  Make sure to 

Step 5.  Dip and decorate.  Make sure the dipping chocolate is melted to a smooth creamy texture.  Hold 

the stick and dip each cake ball into the chocolate so that the cake ball is completely submerged in

chocolate.  Quickly, before the chocolate dries, add your green candy sprinkle to the top to act as the

leaves on the strawberry. Lay the cake ball onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Step 6.  After all the chocolate is hardened, use your edible black ink pen to add the seeds.  If you are not  

eating these cake pops soon, you can put them in the refrigerator so that the chocolate won't melt.


Tips and Tricks:
1.  Make sure you are only dipping the cake balls into the chocolate only once. Dipping multiple times will make the chocolate layer too thick and hard to bite into.
2.  Take the cake pops out of the refrigerator, at least, 30 minutes to an hour before you serve them so that they are not cold when biting into them. You want them to be at room temperature.
3. Your cake pops will not melt if they are in room temperature. So don't leave them in the sun or by a heater. 
4.  The creamier and smoother the dipping chocolate the better it will look. If the chocolate is clumpy is will go on clumpy.
5.  You can also use foam block to allow your cake pops to stand up when drying.  This will allow them to dry perfectly to shape rather than with a flat side when you lie them down.
6. You can find most of the supplies at specialty baking stores or craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby
7.  Make sure the cake pops are frozen before you dip them into the warm dipping chocolate. This will insure that the cake pops keep their shape and won't fall off the sticks.


  1. I would add that before you put the stick in the cake pop, dip it in the chocolate. This not only helps it stick to the cake pop once the chocolate cools, but also helps coat the bottom of your cake pop with your color of melting chocolate without making a mess.

  2. Great idea Merrydays! Because the bigger you make the cake pop the heavier it is and the more likely it is to fall off that's a great technique to help the cake pop stay on the stick. Thanks for the tip!



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