Friday, July 29, 2011

Strawberry Birthday Favors

Strawberry Birthday Favors

Don't forget the birthday favors! It's wast to forget. Everyone always focuses on the food and decor (and they should) but don't forget about the favors. Favors can send your guests home feeling loved and spoiled. These details don't have to be pricey or time consuming, but surely thought of.

These adorable favors are for a picnic themed strawberry party. Each child gets a basket and includes: a personalized felt strawberry stuffed pillow, water bottle with a personalized label and a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich wrapped in a cloth napkin. How wonderful!  You can easily replace the stuffed strawberry with a bag of freshly sliced strawberries or some kind of veggie to make a more nutritious meal.

These paper boxes serve as great favors. You can stuff any small candies in them.

These serve a beautiful flower display as well as party favors.

This strawberry basket would be great to hand out to the parents as they leave.  Simple and easy!

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