Saturday, July 30, 2011

Makena's got sick!

 This was one of the scariest things that happened to Makena. After her 15 month shots she had a REALLY high fever so we stayed in touch with the doctor all day. But then all of a sudden it went up 107.4. Daddy and I were so scared that we rushed you to the hospital right away to find out what happened. Turns out you had a virus and was teething! Boy... what a week!!! You are finally all better and happy as a clam!!!

You first started feeling sick when we had Avani over for a playdate. In this picture you and Avani were so into your Strawberry Shortcake Movie. It was so cute!

After our friends left we sat down on the couch and had a lazy day, partly because she wanted to stay right next to mommy the whole time.

The "next to mommy" upgraded to mommy holding her all day and all night long for a week. 
Mommy now needs a spa day!

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