Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zoo Day

Makena loved seeing the ducks in the pond. You can see by this picture she was ready to be let free. She would chase these ducks around and the poor ducks would scatter away from her. LOL! She had fun.

We finally had to strap her in to her stroller.

Makena was very interested in the monkeys. She knows how to make monkey noises so she was trying to converse with them. LOL!

It was getting really hot out there so we had to sit down and take a break. 

Daddy love. This is my favorite picture.

Daddy showed Makena the polar bears. The bears kept pacing and Makena just watched them go back and fourth.

Towards the end, Makena was getting delirious without her second nap and she was acting so silly.

One of her pig tails fell out and she had wild hair for the rest of our time there at the zoo. She fit in perfectly with the wild animals. 

Good bye Zoo

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