Sunday, June 12, 2011

Makena's First Taste of Tuna Sandwich

Makena's First Taste of Tuna Salad Sandwich.

This recipe idea was a hit with Makena. The best part for her was watching me eat the same thing as her. She thought she was so big. ;-)

Make sure to smash the bread flat so that your baby can easily eat it.
I used whole grain bread making sure there were no seeds or grains big enough to be a choking hazard. Then I used regular low fat mayo and measured out 2 tbls. I mixed it really well with the tuna and made sure to chop all the big chunks. I added a bit of pepper. Finally I spread the tuna salad on the thinly smashed bread and used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make it a descent size for a baby to handle. I love pickles in my tuna salad so I chopped some up in small pieces and put them on the side. Makena ate both sandwiches and her side of pickles. I was such a proud mommy.

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