Sunday, June 12, 2011

Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial

Simple handmade tutu tutorial

This is a very simple instruction for how to make a baby or child's tutu.  Thank you to my friends Deidra and Katie for teaching me how to make this.

Items needed:
1. About 4-5 yards of tulle
2. Elastic or Ribbon
3. Scissors

1. Measure your child's waist for the elastic or ribbon (whichever one you want to use).
If you decide to use the elastic, you will need to sew that to make a circle.
If you decide to use the ribbon, you will need to cut and leave enough ribbon to be able to tie the ribbon in a bow. If your child's waist is 20 inches measure 20 inches in the middle of the ribbon and tie two knots on either side so there is exactly 20 inches in between the two knots.

2. Start cutting the tulle in strips. Here is the easiest way to do this. The tulle comes in sheets so roll the sheets up like a fruit roll up and start cutting slices into about 4 or 5 inch strips.

3. Unroll each strip and cut the strip in half.

4. Now fold the strip in half and loop and tie it on to the elastic or ribbon.

5. Keep going until you are done.

*When the tulle is rolled up and you are cutting it into strips, you may need to get rid of the strips and the ends due to them being uneven.
*You can alternate different colors of tulle.
*You can add pretty ribbon in between the tulle.
*You can make a longer tutu by leaving the tulle long instead of cutting it in half.
*You can glue faux flowers or bows to add detail.

I would love to see your work. Please share your pictures of your homemade tutu's with me. Can't wait to see them!

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