Friday, June 24, 2011

A Day at the Park

To my wonderful Makena, we had such a fun day today. We spent the evening at the park. 
We brought your favorite snacks so we also had a picnic. You scarfed down your strawberries (or as you say "ba-berries" so cute!) You picked them through all the carrot curls. Lol! You didn't care for carrots much today. You drank a lot of milk out of your sippy thermos and you downed some animal crackers too. 
After our picnic you became friends with a baby on a blanket next to us. Saying hi with your little baby girl voice. I was so proud of you being the friendly girl you are. 
Then we went to the play area and I had to really fight off my urge to not let you play in the germ filled jungle gym. So I took you down the slide and you were saying "wee" it was so adorable. So the next time you slid down I held on with only one hand. You squealed again. So I decided to take it one step further. I put you on the top of the slide and stood at the bottom. I said ok Makena slide down to mommy. You scooted your little butt to the edge and slid down with a scared look on your face but you still squealed. You are so brave. 

Then we went to the baby swings and I stuffed a blanket around you and pushed you on the swing. You were laughing and smiling. You were so much fun and had lots of admirers. One admirer was a little girl who you called baby even though she was older than you. Heehee! 
We then went and played in the sand, another thing I had to just allow and not get too grossed out with (I know it may sound funny, but your my first baby and all I want to do it protect you from all potential harm big or small. I didn't want you to eat or get any sand in your eye or grab anything other than sand like something sharp). You really enjoyed playing in the sand. You would grab a hand full and just throw it up in the air. Eeeeks! It took you a while to warm up to the idea though. When you first felt it you looked at your hands and then at me, then back at your hands and cleaned them off. Lol! 
At home after a much needed bath and before the much needed bedtime, I read you some books. One book was about the park, I think you started remembering your experience in the park earlier that day cause you got really still and listened very closely. 
We said our prayers and I kissed you good night and you fell asleep fast and slept so good. 
Thanks for our fun day today sweet pea I love you and I am so thankful for you. 

~Love, Mommy

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