Friday, May 13, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Mothers Day Gifts Under $100

To all you mothers out there or those of you that have mothers this post is for you.

I have gathered my top 10 favorite items from my favorite stores and put them all in this post to give you ideas for your mothers or, if your a mother, things to hint to your families. Hee hee!

This coffe pot is made by Cuisinart.  You can purchase it at for $84.82. This is something that I actually own myself. It is my favorite item that I use daily and even all throughout the day.  I use the coffee maker in the morning to brew my fresh coffee. It contains a charcoal filter system to ensure the freshest purest water. I can set it to brew at 7am each morning and the warming plate keeps it warm.  The other side is a hot water dispenser so that I can have hot afternoon tea. I also use it for hot water for my hot oatmeal. I also use it any time I need to use hot water for cooking.

Thisis a Bodum Bistro Juicer from for $49.95. This juicer is my next buy. I love how compact and aesthetically pleasing it is.  It claims to squeeze every last drop of juice from the pulp. I love it!

For the crafty mothers, this Brothers sewing machine is very updated and sleek. You can get it at for $89.

Sunflower basket from $14. This is another item I own. I love this so much because, not only is it cute enough to use indoors but if you use it outdoors, you can close the cover which has a netting material over it so that you don't get bugs, sand, leaves or anything else in your food.  I use it to put chips, rolls, cupcakes, muffins. and more.

Spring ready dress from $89. I thought this dress was so classic and elegant. Perfect for any occasion.

Dessert of the month club from $95.85 for 3 months. If you have not heard of this site you really have to go take a look. It is so much fun. I got the beer of the month club for my husband and he was like a little puppy waiting for the ups guy every month. I have to admit I would be quite exciting to know I have a little surprise waiting in the mail every month. This dessert of the month was my favorite. I have a major sweet tooth.

McKenna medium Jewelery Box from $99. For all the glamorous moms out there, I thought this jewelery box was so beautiful. 3 tiered serving platter $14.99.  Every mom that hosts anything would love this 3 tiered serving platter. You can really put anything you want on here and it would look absolutly beautiful.  Dress it up with any color adding a ribbon or bow at the top.

This is such a handy little item. I would love to have it! This is a garden chair and tool set from Bed Bath and Beyond $39.99.  This adorable chair comes with all the garden tools you will need.

I really love this book from It has some great decorating ideas with amazing illustrations.

Hope you all enjoyed my list of mothers day gift ideas.
Please comment with any other ideas you would like to share.

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