Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Our Love Story Started

Our Story
Rebecca:  We are two peas in a pod!
Phillip:  We met each other in October of 2002 at a mutual friends house. 
Rebecca:  Phillip showed up for about an hour.  We noticed each other but never said anything... until he left.
Phillip:  I had basketball the next morning.
Rebecca:  As soon as he left I turned to Ray and said “Oh my gosh your friend is so cute!”  Ray then said “oooo I am going to tell him.” and ran off into his room and locked the door.  I became a nervous wreck.  I wanted to strangle Ray for telling him.  I wanted to just leave.  My friends sat me on the couch and convinced me to stay so we can find out what he said.”
Phillip:  I was on my home when Ray called me and told me.  I was so nervous, and contemplated whether or not I should turn around or continue home.  I decided to turn around.  When I arrived at Rays house Becca was sitting on the couch with her friends. 
Rebecca:  Ray answered the door and introduced us.   Phillip sat all the way at the end of the couch.  My friends got up and went into the kitchen and Phillip and I started our 3 hour conversation. 
Phillip:  … And we didn’t stop there.  After that we saw each other every day, and talked on the phone for 3 or more hours.  (Laughing) I remember we used to talk on the phone for so long before we went to bed, that one of us would wake up in the middle of the night and realize that we had fallen asleep on the phone.
Rebecca:  … Yeah I would pick up the phone and be like, ‘Phillip? Are you there?’   (Laughing) I would just hear him snoring.
Phillip:  I don’t snore! Anyway, I had told her that I was leaving in January to the military.  We both knew that we couldn’t really start anything serious, but our feelings just grew stronger and stronger every day.
Rebecca:  I remember we would drive for hours through neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights and picking out our dream home, while listening to our favorite CD’s and finding out even more things we had in common.  Before he left, his parents threw him a going away party/ birthday party (his birthday was at the end of January).  I was so happy for him but wanted to cry at the same time. It was so hard.
Phillip:  When I left we promised each other that we would stay in touch.  We did at first, but then our lives just went separate ways.  We did see each other a few times in the 4 years I was gone. 
Rebecca:  Each time we saw each other we felt that amazing connection.  We had so much in common.  In November of 2006 I was on “MySpace” and decided to look him up and see if he was a member. He was.  I immediately sent him an email and a friend request.  I said something like, I don’t know if you remember me, if you don’t I will just cry.  But I wanted to say hi and hope everything is going good. ~Becca
Phillip:  I saw that letter and right away wrote her back.  I was shocked that she questioned whether or not I remembered her.  I told her that I of course remembered her and I thought about her every single day even if it was for a second.  I made sure to also tell her that I was in Iraq right now but my tour is almost over and I would be in Albuquerque in a couple weeks. I continued to say that I was getting out of the military in 6 months and moving back to New Mexico.
Rebecca:  I was so happy he was getting out, and even happier that he remembered me (laughing).  All of our memories flooded back to me, and soon he was all I could think about.  He called me when he came back into town and we promised to make lunch plans.
Phillip:  …I was really nervous to see her again but we finally decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights ( since it was almost Christmas)  She told me to meet her at her house and she would make us some cappuccino’s, with her new espresso machine, for the road.  I, of course, could not pass that up.
Rebecca:  I was so nervous when he came over but as soon as I saw him I was thinking oh my gosh he is adorable, so I told him “wow you got taller” (laughing) I didn’t know what else to say. Anyway our night was an amazing reunion.
Phillip:  We were hooked again, and this time forever.  We didn’t leave each other’s sides after that.  We saw each other every day, until I had to come back to Texas.  We were both so sad but kept reassuring ourselves that I am only going to be gone till May. 
Rebecca:  My mom realized how “head over heels” in love I was, and decided to help me out with a plane ticket to Texas to see him.  I was so grateful.  I flew to Texas that day.  After postponing my flight back a day, and Phillip flying back the next weekend, we decided it was just going to be way too expensive to keep doing this.
Phillip:  So our solution to that problem was easy…. I moved her to Texas.  She was really scared to tell her family but when she did she was shocked to hear they were very excited for us and not mad or disappointed at all.  She ended up quitting her job that next morning and leaving on the plane that night. 
Rebecca:  It was the best decision I have ever made.  Not only am I extremely happy with Phillip, but I had finally got to experience living on my own.  I loved it!  Phillip and I are so happy together.  In April 2009 we got married in Hawaii and a year later (April 8th,2010) We had our beautiful daughter, Makena Grace.
Phillip:  We love her so much!!!
Rebecca: So on with Our Love Story...

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